Welcome to Living with RC

Living with RC was a vision born after a handful of conversations with a close friend of mine who insisted that I belonged on the blog scene. “People want to use your recipes,” she said. She insisted that the recipes, fashion tips and raw advice I shared with her was worth sharing with the world. This conversation came on the cusp of another conversation with a friend who challenged me to compile a cook book.


I love cooking. It makes me who I am. It’s where I can relieve stress and create. And then I sit back and watch while the love of my life (and anyone else who has the pleasure to sit at my table) devours it and praises me for how good it is. Cooking is my indirect way of drawing the attention to myself. But it is also my way of feeling connected with all the women (and men) who came before me. When I can’t take pride in anything, I can always take pride in my cooking.

Well, and shoes. I can also take pride in shoes. My shoes are my direct way of drawing attention to myself. I have a serious addiction and I aspire to own 300 pair by the time I’m 30. But beyond that, my love for shoes is rooted in the notion that presentation is everything. And as cliche as it is, when you look good you feel good, and you can never feel bad in a good pair of shoes!

At any rate, after much thought and prayer, I decided there was nothing to lose. I will get out of this whatever I put into it. And what I hope for you is that you get the love, laughs and recipes you need to keep your world as fresh as mine. I’m told my mouth is filterless and that I say everything a sophisticated girl thinks but is too classy to say, but it’s cool because it’s always a good time with RC. Welcome to living with RC–where you will always get good food and likely some bad advice.


  1. hey! my boyfriend and I walked past you on mass ave and you also took a picture with us and we were both wondering if you had an Instagram or something to see the picture and support what you’re doing! keep up the good work and cooking! the chicken curry things were great!


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