Plantain Cornbread

Plantain Cornbread

I am in love with plantains, or as our Hispanic friends say platanos. My favorite way to eat them is when they’re super ripe and sweet, but I also enjoy them when they’re green and not as soft.

At any rate I found some really ripe plantains at the grocery store and decided I was going to try to replicate tostones, an amazing snack I had when I was in Costa Rica. When I had tostones in Costa Rica, they weren’t sweet, but I wanted to see how they’d come out using ripe plantains. There was just one problem–I didn’t look up a recipe before realizing that tostones are twice fried and not immediately mushed up before frying.

So I was left with sweet, softened plantain mush. Since I’m on the Daniel Fast I couldn’t add flour or bread crumbs so I opted for corn meal until the mixture was strong enough to fry. And that is how I discovered plantain cornbread.

Plantain Cornbread
What you need: 

  • 2 cups very ripe plantains
  • 2 cups corn meal
  • Olive oil to pan fry

What you do:

  • Mash the plantains up until they become a bowl of mush
  • Stir in the corn meal and mix well
  • Make pancake-like patties and fry in a pan a bit of olive oil until golden brown
  • Enjoy with a little maple syrup and try them with a bean burger on top and some avocado like we did

Hands down, this kitchen mistake was one of my better recipes gone wrong 😉

Bean Burger on Plaintain Cornbread


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