Kicking it into OVERDRIVE baby!

Recreating Me (Fitter & Healthier)

On January 3rd I was granted one of the most amazing gifts I could have ever asked for. A gift I prayed and fasted and cried for. A gift I didn’t think would fill dark holes and unthinkable piles of emptiness. Who am I to even deserve something so beautiful and amazing?

I gave birth to the most perfect baby boy I have ever laid my brown marble eyes on: 6 pounds and 7 ounces of pure bliss. My little Donnie J.

26 Weeks Pregnant
26 Weeks Pregnant & all BELLY

I realize this is where I am supposed to insert an array of pictures of Donnie, my joy, but I am not that mom. And in no way am I judging or pushing ill will on moms who fill the internet airwaves with their children. I think it is both beautiful and satisfying. I just have a different perspective on social media posting.

For starters, I am SUPER private. Eh…I know, what kind of lifestyle blogger can choose to be private. Do I even have that right? I’ve asked myself this question many times. And I always land on the same answer. YES. Yes, I have the right to conduct myself however I please on social media and in the blogosphere. So I will do just that.

But out of respect for my followers I will explain–briefly–why I choose to keep certain parts of my life off of social media. For starters, my husband isn’t into social media. And by isn’t into it, I mean he hates it. Absolutely and positively. I respect his decision not to have social media, and therefore don’t post him on my page either. If he doesn’t have a page of his own, I’m pretty certain he doesn’t want to be on mine.

As far as my son goes, well he isn’t old enough to make a decision to participate in social media, and I don’t want to make that decision for him. What if he doesn’t want every moment of his life captured and displayed for the world. This in no way means I am not capturing these moment because I am. Every. Single. One. As it stands I have a photo album for every month of his life. I want him to make his own decision about social media when he is old enough to do it. Until then, he only gets to exist in the tangible, non-digital, brick-and-mortar pats of the world.

Now that we got that out of the way, the point of this post is to highlight my journey back to fitness. I spent my entire pregnancy on bed rest and gained 37 pounds. Prior to getting pregnant, I wanted to lose 30 pounds. That is technically 67 pounds I want to lose, but ain’t nobody tryna be technical right now. So far, I’ve lost 25 pounds which makes me 12 pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight. I attribute most of that weight loss to breast feeding.

My Before Photo
My dirty mirror before photo.

At almost four months post-partum, I am ready to kick this thing into overdrive. I’ll need to be careful with dieting and exercise because I am still exclusively breastfeeding, but I am confident I can find the right balance and kick more of these pounds to the curb. Who’s with me?

Kicking it into OVERDRIVE baby!
Kicking it into OVERDRIVE baby! Who’s with me?

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