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Peppermint Egg Nog

It’s almost Christmas and the weather is cooling off quite a bit here in the Midwest. But sometimes hot chocolate just doesn’t do the trick to warm these old bones. If you’re looking for good holiday drink to get you all toasty… Read More

Twisted Bellini

The end of Summer means saying goodbye to lots of things…especially when you live in Indiana. This place is still growing on me but I still miss just about everything the south has to offer, particularly sunshine. While I am looking forward… Read More

Girl’s Night Sangria

Girl's Night Sangria

Wine is always a hit in my house. And there’s not much more I have to say about that! I typically drink dry, red wine, but since many of my friends lean more towards the sweet white variety I always make sure… Read More

Watermelon Cutie Detox Water

Detox water is all the rave these days. It’s the perfect way to add more water into your diet. I love trying all different types of fruit in my detox water, but some flavors I like better than others. This Watermelon Cutie… Read More