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Honey-Spice Poached Pears in Almond Pudding

I am a sucker for anything light and creamy and sweet of course. I asked my husband to pick up some fruit from the store one day and he came home with a sack full of pears. I’m typically more of a… Read More

Blueberry Cobbler

So one of my good friends has a friend who’s family owns a farm in Michigan. Thank God for good friends! Lucky for me, this guy drives to Michigan every summer during blueberry season to bring back farm fresh blueberries to his… Read More

Cozy Brown Sugar Apple Sauce

Happy New Year folks!! I know I didn’t post on the first day of 2016, and I was torn over whether to post or not to post. I decided not to in exchange for spending time with my husband and my kids… Read More

Fried Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

Wantons Completed

It’s September and everyone who is anyone (and even the nobodies) are putting a pumpkin spin on their menu. Pumpkin is plastered across just about every screen in America. I didn’t grow up on pumpkin though. And I mean no harm when… Read More

Basil White Chocolate Chip Cookies

On a recent visit to Florida my brothers and my cousin and I decided we needed some beach time. Even though I can’t swim a lick, I am in love with being at the beach so I had no objections to getting… Read More