I am a huge fan of all things creamy–cream sauce, creamsicles, cream corn, heavy cream, whipped cream. I love it all. But cream shows no love to these thighs and back fat that ever so suddenly erupt after all my creamy affairs. So I decided I needed a cream alternative…something vegan. That seems legit, right? 

I’ve been exploring vegan recipes for the last couple of years, mostly because of our annual Daniel fast we do with our church. I’m also attracted to the healthier options available in vegan, and some of the recipes are actually pretty tasty. But I will never totally divorce milk and meat so although I love indulging in vegan meals I’m not a professing vegan. 

Whether you are or not doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that this vegan cream of mushroom recipe is one of my most amazing kitchen creations. It’s very simple and takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. I served it over gnocchi which doesn’t give much relief to my muffin top, but such is life. 


✔️ 2 small heads of cauliflower

✔️ 4 cups almond milk

✔️ seasonings

✔️ 4 cloves garlic 

✔️ 2-3 bunches cilantro (chopped)

✔️ 2 packs baby bella mushrooms 

✔️ 2-4 tbsp olive oil


✔️ chop cauliflower into florets

✔️ add cauliflower to large pot with almond milk and seasonings

✔️ bring to a boil then simmer until cauliflower is soft

✔️ pour into a blender and purée 

✔️ add back to the pot and add additional seasonings if needed

✔️ heat oil in medium saucepan

✔️ chop mushrooms 

✔️ sauté garlic and cilantro and then add mushrooms and any seasonings you like (I used lemon pepper and seasoning salt)

✔️ cook mushrooms until tender and add to the “creamed” cauliflower

✔️ cook on low for 10-15 minutes for the flavors to blend

✔️ pour over whatever you like and enjoy

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