Good Morning Mama's
Brunch is life and that’s a fact. I’ve been a brunch lover for a while, and it’s great to see so many people jumping on the brunch train. Brunch has literally become a movement and I love it because it’s no longer a hobby for the pretentious. 

And now that brunch is vogue, Indianapolis has seriously stepped it’s brunch game up. Good Morning Mama’s is nestled in Broad Ripple and offers amazing food and pitchers of mimosas–you had me at mimosas! They also serve fried Spam, and I haven’t had Spam since I was a kid so it was a nice surprise to see it on the menu on my first visit. Made me a little nostalgic. 

If you’re local to Indy, this spot is certainly worth checking out. Here are a couple of my favorites. 

Crossaint Breakfast Sandwich
Crossaint Breakfast Sandwich
Boomers (Biscuits and Gravy)
Boomers (Biscuits and Gravy)
Fried Spam
Fried Spam

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