3 Small Businesses to Add to Your Holiday Shopping List

It is officially the holiday season, and this is my favorite time of year. It’s also the most awkward time of year. I mean part of you is anxious to check off all of your goals for the year because the new year is around the corner. Another part of you is excited about all the food and cheer (but mostly the food). Yet still another part of you might be slightly crazed over gifts and spending. The holiday season is both comforting and hectic. And for some of you its downright scary.

I love the long stretch of the end of the year season. I could do without Halloween, but as soon as Thanksgiving comes around, it’s like a never ending party for me. All the feels and all the nostalgia. I am in love with the holidays. And I don’t think I have a favorite among Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. They all have a special place in my heart, and I love them equally–the same way all you moms love your children.

Since we are coming up on Christmas let’s spend a little time there. There are two things I love most about Christmas: decorating the tree and giving gifts to loved ones. My family will tell you that I decorate my tree right up until Christmas Eve.

Each year I change the theme of my tree decor, and I make frequent (almost daily) runs to Michaels searching for more ornaments to add. It’s such a thrill for me, but I’m not exactly sure why.

As far as gifts go, I love giving thoughtful gifts. I don’t mind spending a bit more money than usual on gifts but I’m more more inclined to get a gift that is well thought out and sentimental. I always want the recipient to know that I took the time out to really think about who they are and what would make them happy. I mean, it seriously hurts my feelings if I give a gift that someone doesn’t like.

Lately, I’ve been supporting a few small businesses for gift options. Doing that means giving two gifts at once because supporting small businesses is a huge gift to business owners who pour their hearts and souls into goods and services that are much more thought out than some of other mass-produced options.

We all win when we support small businesses. And because I love all of my followers so much, I’ve sharing some of my favorite (and extremely professional) small businesses you should connect with as you’re doing your holiday shopping. And don’t forget to snag a thing or two for yourself!

#1: Cards & Stationary by The Paper Bar Company

The Paper Bar recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary, but if you check them out, you’ll think they’ve been around much longer. Two amazing guys (one is my brother…maybe I’m a little bias but not completely) started out by simply sharing sketches with the world. And the world fell in love.

The Paper Bar offers themed greeting cards and stationary as their flagship products. But you can also get custom orders and other household items such as coffee mugs and pillows.

The Paper Bar Co Instagram


#2: Beard & Face Grooming by Beard Goonz

No I don’t have a beard. And my husband doesn’t have a beard. No one in my house has a beard. But I do use products from Beard Goonz. Do not judge me, but the signature growth oil from Beard Goonz has literally resurrected my edges. Pregnancy did a number on my poor, already damaged edges and I went months trying all the things labeled as a savior for edges.

If you are experiencing some edge issues, then you should definitely hit up Beard Goonz for the signature growth oil. Yes it’s made for beards, but there’s nothing that says you can’t use it on your edges. All of the ingredients are 100% natural and there’s nothing in it that you can’t pronounce or spell.

If you have a nice gentleman on your list who is well endowed with a beard (or trying to be), check out the 3 Piece Suit or go all out with the full Grooming kit from Beard Goonz. Your fine gent will love you forever, and you, well you get to experiencing a well groomed beard. This is a win-win for everyone involved. Oh and did I mention shipping is FREE for the holidays? Free.99??? Free.99!!

Bead Goonz Instagram

#3: Spices from Food. Love. Tog.

Ok so you guys know how much I love food…obvi I have a good blog! Food. Love. Tog. is one of my favorite foodie brands on Instagram. Candace is a Boss in her own right. Not only is she an amazing cook, but she also shares some pretty useful food tips and Tuesday and she also makes her own spices.

Now I claim to be many things, but a slice slanger I am not. I rely heavily on store bought spices and just let other people do the work for me. This season Candace is at the top of my list for spicing things up in the kitchen. I just can’t decide whether to go with Young Bae seasoning blend or the Signature Seasoning Blend. She also has Lemon Pepper and Garlic options as well. And let’s not forget the “Bland Foods Won’t Prosper” apron. That’s a must have for all your foodie friends.

Food. Love. Tog. Instagram

And there’s my list. I know it isn’t a very long list, but these three small businesses can just about take care of the adults on your list. What small businesses do you have on your holiday shopping list?

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