Eggplant No Parmesan

When I’m ditching meat I always turn to meatier veggies so I’m not feeling deprived. Otherwise I’ll be cruising in the drive thru for a Whopper with cheese, no pickles, no onions and a large cherry icee because if I’m going to break the fast I’m going all the way.  To avoid that, I cook … Continue reading Eggplant No Parmesan

Cucumber Tomato Salad

It’s that time of year again…our church is starting our 40 day fast. I enjoy the fast because it gives me an opportunity to reset spiritually and physically. As always, I’ll be building all my recipes over the next 40 days around the Daniel Fast. That’s right folks…vegan and gluten free for 40 days. I … Continue reading Cucumber Tomato Salad

Clean Dirty Rice

Clean eating has become such a trend these days. From #FitLife to #FitChicks, healthier lifestyles have turned into the popular thing to do. I love to watch people, particularly my family and friends, make healthier life choices. And while I don’t profess to be a clean eater 100% of the time, I do like experimenting … Continue reading Clean Dirty Rice